Death incarnate - Part 1

 an  Interactive Text Adventure based on a short story that I wrote about a man succumbing to what he thinks is madness

Dreaming was a game made for a class assignment. It was born during the first semester of my game design program as a way of making my photographic art into an explorable world; I built on it afterwards but still have a long way to go

The Legend of Sloan came from my desire to take a class assignment to create a platformer and bend it toward my goal of putting the character I created into an experience so that I could build him as an IP. Still need to do a lot of work on the project. 

This is a continuation of what I began with the Shmup game; This time I was assigned to create a platformer.  In this project, we are introduced to Sloan's Grandfather (aptly named GrandPa) whom Sloan is made to save repeatedly throughout the game. Still need to do a lot of work on the project before it's commercially viable