I'm a maker of digital art and media.  The absurd, surreal and mysterious are all threads that run through my work.

In my photography, I favor shadow and photomanipulation to that end. I also create gifs, often combining graphics I've programmed in java-based languages with my photographs. The goal there is to dig further into impossibility with digital images. when designing a game i seek to have the users feel as though they're never fully in control; like there is always something left for them to understand.


All this, in hopes of making the world a little less boring

collaborations | appearances

Various videos and commissions I was either a part of or helped produce

Commissioned Piece for GIPHY'S Time Frame exhibition

Jun 17th - Jun 22nd

Created in P5.js

Directed by Ron Brodie Produced by Project Fathom Creative Director: Mitchell Ware Client: Airwalk One of 5 commericial spots Fathom created for Airwalk's first interactive lifestyle campaign for their new "Already Famous" Brand. www.skatefamously.com

BTS at the Airwalk "Already Famous" Campaign photoshoot 

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